At Music Together®, we aim to make the world a better place by making it more musical.

To do this, we bring the highest quality music and movement experiences to children everywhere.


What is Music Together?

Music Together is an early childhood music and movement program for children from birth through age eight—and the grownups who love them! First offered in 1987, our music classes help little ones develop their innate musicality—and much, much more.

Our early childhood music curriculum has decades of research behind it, in both music education and child development. We know what we’re talking about, and we’re good at what we do! And because we recognize that children learn through play, we make everything we do in class engaging and fun.

We also know that young children learn best from the powerful role models in their lives. That’s where you grownups come in: our family music classes show parents, teachers, and caregivers how to help their children become confident music-makers just by having fun making music themselves!


Our Philosophy

Most people think being musical is a question of talent—you either have it or you don’t. While that may sound reasonable, it’s completely untrue! All children can learn to dance and sing just as naturally as they learn to walk and talk. With this in mind, we formulated four basic principles that guide everything we do.

The Four Principles of Music Together

1. All children are born musical.

2. All children can achieve basic music competence—that is, they can learn to sing in tune and dance accurately to a beat.​

3. It’s crucial that parents and caregivers participate in class and model music-making for their children in class and at home, regardless of their own musical ability.​

4. The environment that best fosters young children’s musical growth is playful, musically rich, and developmentally appropriate.




Our Music

The great thing about our music is that adults love it as much as children do! All Music Together songs were designed to inspire families to listen, sing, and make music together both at home and on the road. And the songs have been pitched in the perfect range so that even very young children can sing along.

Our award-winning music spans nine different collections. The songs are a mix of original and traditional tunes from a variety of genres and styles—folk, blues, rock, jazz, classical, and world music—so there’s something for everyone.

Our Story

The first Music Together® classes were offered to the public in 1987. The program was founded by Kenneth K. Guilmartin and Lili Levinowitz, Ph.D., in Princeton, New Jersey. Their objective was to offer non-formal music experiences for the very young in order to support early childhood music development. They had observed that passive music listening was not enough for children: they needed opportunities for live and playful music making in order learn to sing in tune and move in rhythm to a beat. They wove together leading-edge research from the fields of early childhood and music education to develop the unique, musically-rich curriculum that would become known as Music Together.

Ken and Lili remain actively involved in guiding research, development, training and teaching of the Music Together program.  Over the last 30 years, Music Together has successfully added programing (in multiple languages!) for babies, preschools, bigger kids, and the elderly. 

Today the Music Together program is offered in more than 3000 communities and 40 countries worldwide!